Monday, September 10, 2012

Ball Bike Reviews - World's First Core Cardio Strength Cycle

Ball Bike is a core stability ball combined with a cardio bike and upper body resistance. This innovation is a totally new fitness experience, a more efficient and smarter way to work out.

The good thing is it has 5-Star Workout.

1. Cardio - Recumbent bike elevates heart rate for a cardio workout utilizing all lower body muscles.

2. Stability - The stability ball will help to strengthens core muscles including abs, back, and hips resulting in better balance, breathing, posture, and back support, plus engages more muscles to further elevate heart rate.

3. Resistance - The resistance tubing functionally will strengthens arms, chest, and shoulders,plus enhances core workout and further elevates heart rate.

4. Body conditioning and strength - Almost all of the body's 640 muscles are engaged in a natural rhythmic motion to help for total body conditioning and strength.

5. You get corecardio, and strength all at the same time to save you time - A one and done workout - without the discomfort of a hard bike seat, the impact of a treadmill, or the boredom of bikes, treadmills, and ellipticals.

How to purchase? 

Based on the official site, ONE MACHINE - TOTAL FITNESS MSRP $699.

You can ORDER NOW at the official site of Ball Bike the World's First Core Cardio Strength Cycle.

Watch this helpful video. 

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